Brand Story

The story of our civilisation has been written by engravings on stones, in search of a better life…

We gave life to most monumental works of our civilization history by using stone. From the first day we took a piece of rock in our hands to protect ourselves, the stone has preserved its place in our lives by changing form and function.

As our vocabulary developed, from the Pyramids to Hagia Sophia, from the Aphrodite statue of Knidos to La Pieta, our stone works, which were proof of our creativity, developed and their magnificence aroused astonishment.

Humanity has continually expanded its borders with what it has learned. New borders brought brand new possibilities, formats to stone. Mitra’s story is shaped with this evolution. Taking its name from a myth that symbolizes enlightenment, wisdom and learning, Mitra is a brand that was born with the determination to transfer the results of improvement to stone, as we have done for a long time.


Mitra collects the meanings of culture, knowledge, experience and evolution which we loaded on light with beauty, robustness, permanence and magnificence, loaded on stone.

Engraving the potantial in stone’s essence with technology is in Mitra’s nature.