Quality Control

Mitra’s main motivation is to reach the highest level in quality. And structured all its organization, operations and plans accordingly.

Mitra continues to work with the latest technology of SIMEC brand, one of the most advanced natural stone cutting systems in the world, with the certification of 2021 The technology it uses supports its claim to compete on a global scale in terms of quality.

Mitra first analyzes each block it will process, identifies weak points, cracks and gaps in the block and strengthens it. A polishing system with a total of 38 heads comes into play in stone surface treatments and removes all roughness that can be felt by touch on the stone surface. Each slab is photographed in a specially designed dark room system, and as soon as the stone leaves production, it transmits the visual material that can be used for rendering to the design offices.

Quality is the perfection that lives in
each slab.

Mitra continuously improves its operaitons with the aim of matching this expectation.