At Mitra, the standard product process takes place from the block acceptance step to the product delivery with the following procedure. Although there are stages where different processes are carried out due to the geological and mineralogical properties of the stone blocks, the desired final surface differences and various customer demands, the general flow is given by the following process sequence. You can contact us for further details Mitra's workflow.

Production Steps

Product Acceptance

The incoming product is recorded in the ERP system with the lot number, detailed cleaning is done and taken to the control stage. At this stage, the production stages required for the processing of the natural stone block with the most robust, efficient and correct methods are determined. The criteria for determining the production processes depend on the geological, mineralogical and physical characteristics of the block. In line with the decisions, work orders based on the special lot number made for each block are created and submitted to the approval of our customers.

Block Preparation

If it is foreseen in the approved work order, the pre-cutting preparation stage of the block is started. At this stage, the block is taken to the "Block Preparation Rooms" containing special applications. In these rooms are exposed to constant ambient conditions, which are specially provided for the preparation of blocks of natural stone. In line with the work order, "Block Epoxy Vacuum Derivatives" or "Block Epoxy (Gel) Wrapping" operations are performed for the needs of the block.

Block Cutting

For cutting at the thicknesses specified in the work order, the block is taken to the Italian "SIMEC gangsaw blade" machine. In this machine, special treatment for the best cutting of natural stones are carried out with special sockets suitable. The block cutting process, apart from the standard thicknesses, (such as 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm thicknesses) can also be done according to massive project demands.

Sheet Epoxy Applications

The plates for plate consolidation and surface filling processes for the need of natural stone specified in the work order are taken to the "SIMEC FOLDED FURNACE" machine. Here, the back surfaces of the plates whose cutting process is completed are reinforced by using Italian epoxy with the plate net imported from the best net manufacturer of Italy. Then, taking into account the mineralogical and physical structure of the natural stone on the front surface of the plates, the most appropriate model of Italian epoxy is determined and the application process is carried out with the necessary natural and visual filling work.

Surface Applications

In order to carry out surface treatments for the customer's preference in accordance with the approved work order, the plates are taken to the 'SIMEC PLATE WIPING' machine. Our SIMEC Plate Wiping machine has 30 polishing heads and can be used to perform wiping surface treatments with special abrasives, which are the best products of Italian technology. Within this system, Ultraviolet fillings are performed in line with the requirements, photos and measurement parameters are shared for each plate for our customers, by using surface protective wax and high resolution 'SIMEC IMAGE SHARE' photography system.


The marble slabs, which have passed all stages and become ready for use, are sized with the Italian "SIMEC BRIDGE CUTTING" in the desired precise dimensions in line with the demand. We are able to offer solutions to our customers in different areas with our CNC, WaterJet products.

Quality Control

The completed products are subjected to detailed controls and proceeded to the packaging stage smoothly.

Packaging & Delivery

Products, after quality control stage are packaged and sent for delivery. Product status and stages of production can be monitored on-line. Mitra, acting as a solution partner, offers services for container loading and various other requirements in terms of delivery.