Sustainability and Environment

Mitra is a brand born in 2020s.

It carries the traces of the technology and life aesthetics of the period it was born in its DNA. At the same time, it also carries the sensitivities of the period in which it was born, such as the climate crisis and production focused on reducing its impact on the environment. As a concrete indicator of this sensitivity, the Mitra building was designed and built to receive Leed Certification, also known as green building certification.

Mitra, is executes its production with the responsibility of enviroment, feeling the problems of the World in which it lives.

Mitra World is designed to meet 60% of the electrical energy it uses with solar energy panels placed on its roof. With the system that will be operational in near future, it is preparing to recover the energy it consumes to a great extent.

It gives life to the principle of sustainability in water consumption with a system that recycles the water used in production processes and reuses it in production.

With the rainwater recovery system installed on the Mitra World premises, which covers all production and service units, Mitra World takes its self-supporting organization further in water management.

It continues its activities with the principle of zero waste by delivering marble pieces and marble dust generated as a result of production processes to the ceramic and cement sectors which use them in production.

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