As a solution oriented, young and innovative brand, Mitra demonstrates its performance based on state of the art technology and competent workmanship not only through innovative services but also through its passionate values.

Mitra is

It follows closely the technological developments and aesthetic trends and improves itself continually. Mitra reflects its innovative perspective to service portfolio and puts forth its difference with benefits taking place in World ecosystem.

It works with sustainability principle.

Mitra carries out all its operations with respect to nature. Works with least waste principle and shows respect to environmental issues. Mitra World, which defines the production and office settlement, is aiming to certify its efforts to reduce the impact of its concept on nature with environmental certificates.

It is tied up with passion to architectural culture heritage

History of architecture forms the history of human creativity on stone. Mitra is highly enthusiastic for contributing the repertoire of fine arts and architecture, with it's skills and artistry.

It is transparent...

Acts with respect to ethical codes established by the natural stone industry in interacting with its stakeholders. It develops open and sustainable business processes with its entire production and service scope.